Easter Bucket Craft Activity

Easter Bucket Craft Activity

Decorate your own Easter Bucket! Then what could the bucket be used for? We suggested to use if for holding foam eggs, but there are so many more possibilities. You could play hide the eggs for the children to find and collect.

You could team this craft activity with the Easter Chicken Craft Activity (also found in the Resource Centre). 

Each child will have a chicken, and a bucket with their name on it. Each morning hide some eggs under some of the chickens, then the children can come along to see who’s chicken laid an egg overnight. Collect the eggs and put in each child’s pail – they can start to count their eggs, or sort them into colours. You could even make some nests from the Wood Wool!

Here’s how to make the pail.

  1. Decorate the wooden Easter shapes with markers, paint, glitter – you choose!
  2. Decorate the bucket.
  3. Write your name on Branch Circle and glue it to the bucket.
  4. Finish decorating your bucket by attaching your Easter shapes and any other decoration you choose.
  5. Add in the Wood Wool for a nice soft inside layer.
  6. It’s now a perfect cushion for adding the eggs!

Here’s what you’ll need: