5 ways of keeping kids protected from the sun at Day-Care

5 ways of keeping kids protected from the sun at Day-Care

Kids play in the sun each and every day, but it is our responsibility to ensure that they are playing in a safe environment. Whist there are many benefits to playing outside, the sun is offers a risk that most of us overlook.  Sunlight in the early morning provides the best source of Vitamin D for the kids, however at noon, when kids usually are at day center have their playtime, the sun rays are very harmful to their skin. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the consequences of sunburn along with five ways to keep the kids protected. Whether you are a parent or the part of the administrative staff at day-care it is the responsibility of all of us to look after our future generation. 

Risks of early sunburn contributing to skin cancer

Research has found that even a single burn at any part of life can increase the risk of skin cancer. Once the sun damages the skin, it changes the overall genetic material of the individual, and thus the risk of abnormal growth of cell increases, which is the beginnings of cancer. With this knowledge of the negative effects of direct exposure to the skin, we must ensure that our kids are not in direct contact with the sun during the high UV time.  

5 ways to keep kids protected from direct sun

1. Sunscreen

The application of sunscreen on face, arms, legs, and other exposed part must be made compulsory for all the children in the day-care. No matter what their age is, every child should have the sunscreen readily available, and must be applied whenever they are out. 

2. Hats

Including a wide-brimmed hat as part of dress codes for kids in the day-care is an essential safety tool for all outside play. This will ensure that no direct rays would come in touch with the face and neck area. 

3. Shady trees in the playground

One of the most long-term investments any day-care can make to keep their kids protected is to cover the playground with shay trees or large shade-clothes.  

4. Stay inside for the hotter part of the day

Try Rescheduling the timetable for the day-care centre in a way that would make the kids spend most of the peak UV time indoors.  

5. Use protective clothing

Last but not the least, protective clothing i.e., clothes that would cover the entire body but are breathable and light, can be used for the safety of children from the dangerous rays emitted from the sun. Obviously this is more a parental choice than day-care staff, however educating parents on this matter may prove to be effective. 

Taking collective action to prevent children from high UV exposure in our day-care centers helps protect our adults of tomorrow. This not only alleviates our future health care systems but increases our future generations quality of life.  

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