Gloves! Promoting better hygiene in Day-Care Centres and Schools.

Gloves! Promoting better hygiene in Day-Care Centres and Schools.

Human hands are unique in a way that no other animal in the world has. Hands can move, hold, grasp, and handle objects. That is why it is very important to take care of your hands and protect these from any hazards.  

Gloves are protective barriers against infection-causing germs. For sure, these are not the replacement for hand washing but gloves reduce contaminations and provide you a better safety during your work. Apart from your own safety, the use of gloves can also help in maintaining the better hygiene environment for the people around, especially considering the environment with kids. 

Why do you need gloves in Day-Care Centres and Schools? 

With work involving kids it is often our hands that carry the most bacteria. So, there are some of the reasons or occasions when gloves can come in handy for your rescue.  

1. Dealing with blood

Kids while playing can get wounded easily. To provide the first aid and catering to the wounds would require you to use disposable gloves. This will protect your hands from getting contaminated. At the same time, the treatment of wound can be done in a better way, limiting the chances of transfer of germs from your skin to the wounded person and vice versa. 

2. Serving food

When kids are with you for the entire day, serving them food is an essential task. So, to maintain the hygiene for everyone, the use of disposable gloves is important. similarly, the hands of the server would remain clean if gloves would be essentially used. 

3. Cleaning vomit and faeces 

For cleaning blood and body fluid containing contaminated surfaces such as faeces or vomit, the gloves can be of great help. In this situation, the gloves cannot only ease the process of cleaning but can also limit the chances of diseases transmittal and infections.  

4. Playing with clay, sand etc

Dealing with toddlers includes playing with clay, sand and other such stuff. All of these materials can be the medium for transmitting infections and allergies. To keep yourself and the children protected, the use of latex gloves would be most suitable.  

5. Providing medical treatment

To keep each of the vital signs of the child on fingertips when providing the medical aid, the gloves with vital signs can be used. Such gloves have printed templates of all the vitals on the gloves. This template can be easily filled to ensure that none of the important signs has been missed while giving the medical treatment.  

To sum up

With the above points, highlighting the need of gloves in day-care centres and schools, consideration should be made to making them a regular means of precaution. Continuous usage of the gloves requires bulk glove purchases. We at ABC School supplies, have a huge range of gloves available. So, you can place your bulk order today and get economic pricing for your purchase.